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DL 2008 program magazine blog specials location map

• Please note: The Scala as a location does not exists anymore.

1908 The cinematograph theater Ueberbrettl (referring to the Cabaret Ueberbrettl, a famous spot till 1905, and a play on the Nietzsche term Uebermensch) establishes in the very heart of Berlin, the famous traditional shopping street Friedrichstrasse. The building, Number 112, is, at the time, the gateway into the Friedrichstrassenpassage, the only remaining piece of large passage architecture in Europe. From 1932 till 1957 it is known as Aladin and presents itself in a fitting Oriental design.

Aladin with oriental flair
source: Film-Echo/Filmwoche vereinigt mit Filmblätter

From 1957 on it becomes Camera, the only arthouse cinema in the GDR; but is forced to leave after four years due to the worsening condition of the building
Except for a seven year revitalisation as the Scala after reunification it remains closed since 1962.

2008 Starting with our annual festivity alongside the Berlinale this cinematic gem will come back as a place for the Silverscreen. Hand in hand with our friends Scala e.V. are we going to fill our new home with all kinds of cinematic tidbits, marvels and music. A club, a cinema, a dance hall and everything inbetween. A cornutopia where movies have been loved since 100 years.

sources: kinokompendium Wikipedia

• how to find us Berlin Mitte, Friedrich Str. 112A daily from 6 pm - open end















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