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•18 h 00 • 6 pmworld premiere feature


Brandon Garet Roth Anderson Lucid
96 min


Chance Walker is celebrating a one year anniversary, on a date that has haunted him each and every day for the past year, June 2nd. . Later, Chance discovers a box of lost possessions in his attic. Within the box's contents, each item holds some insight to what may or may not have happened to the troubled man in his past and what his future will bring. Chance slowly becomes obsessed with the contents, alienating everything and everyone around him, even Nikki. . And with each relived memory sparked by an article taken out of the box, Chance slips deeper and deeper into his own past addictions and unyielding passions, causing his behavior to walk along the razor's edge of madness and suicide. But as Chance starts to accept his fate, he discovers it is only the beginning of everything else.


• 20 h • 8 pmlive score special Golem 2000

Golem 2000
The 1920 Horror Masterpiece, directed by Carl Boese and Paul Wegener, remixed and set to a new, live presented score by Swiss based band Less




The Golem: How He Came Into the World (1920)
live accompanied by Cutting Edge Band Less

• 22 h •10 pmMaerchenhaft curated by Directors Lounge

Fairy Tales

Markus Soukup GB From Slices Of Reality To Illusions Never Happened
11 min 40 s 2008
Terry O´Leary IR Mona A Ghost Story 8min 14s, 2008
Ciro Altabas ES Manual Practico Del Amigos Imaginario 19 min 2008
Aloura Melissa Charles US/AU La Magique Noire 10 min 2005
Kika Nicolela BR Windmaker 10 min 49 s 2007
Stea Andreasson &´Juergen Eckloff DE Die Stunde Der Matronen 15 min 2009 world premiere
Yukihiro Taguchi JP moment performatives spazierengehen 4 min 36 s 2008
Jessica and Leon d´Avigdor DE Die Furcht Des Königs 8 min 57 sec 2009 world premiere
Aloura Melissa Charles US/AU Paper Roses 10 min 1997

Die Stunde der Matronen in world premiere

Die Mühe ist ein Karussell, dessen verborgene, Leben spendende alte Weise, sich, mit den eigenen Händen und voller Geduld, allein zu Grabe trägt - gedankenlos und treu im Begriff, das Beste zum Schlimmsten zu wandeln.
Hin und her, hin und her, aus guter und günstiger Natürlichkeit.
Und keiner weiß, in diesem Meer von Umherstreifenden, den Vorbeifliegenden zu applaudieren, die beflissentlich ihr Tagwerk verrichten – satt undflügelschlagend bergab, zu dem, wonach so viele verlangen. So viele und so oft verlangen...
Und am Ende ist nicht mehr dahinter, als den Vorbeifliegenden das Füllhorn
aus dem Schoß zu nehmen.

Die Stunde der Matronen
a film by Stea Andreasson & Juergen Eckloff
created 2007-2009 using pictures by G.Dore
produced by Die Sibirische Zelle

Aloura Melissa Charles US/AU La Magique Noire


• 24 h •12 pm Night Flight

Lee Arnold US Double Negative 2 min 2 s
Marceline Wellmer PL/DE Crazy Crew 4 min 57 s 2008
Eunjung Hwang KR Bestial Delights 5 min 2005
Kera Brew Kurec AU/DE Soap Opera 4 min 30 s
Vadim Schaeffler DE Kugelstaat 3 min 40s 2007
Mateo Amaral AR Un Cultivo 3 min 55 s
Stefanie Sixt DE Virtuality 5 min 46 s 2008

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