> impressions from the Directors Lounge 2006 february 9-19. 06

> some pictures from the Directors Lounge 2006


The mothership has landed. The lounge area on the left, the screening space to the right.

The days before the opening can easily be described as a series of unfortunate events but thanks to all
the helping hands we managed somehow to put everything in place with just a little delay.
With the screening of a teasing compilation from all flavours to a capacity crowd did we lauch the
second Directors Lounge just in time, over-worked but thrilled.

controlling the screenopening Directors Lounge 2006
The screening area as seen from the corridors of power.

The venue, a long white retail shop, spreading into two wings, that seperated the lounge area from the
screening wing, was filled with cinematics. Fellow directors from abroad dropped in after one year and
together we headed towards a long night of movies, chat and fun.

opening Directors Lounge 2006
A blast of a night. Chief designer Ania Rudolph fooling around with curator Klaus W. Eisenlohr and director aE3.

As in many of the following nights the Lounge didn´t closed before dawn.
We celebrated our new home,an empty nothing only days before, that just had turned into a vivid,
crowded lounge, with excellent mochitos while listening to the tunes of Djane Ilka.



Directors Lounge
is deeply grateful
for the outstanding
support by

Alexander Behrendt
Simona Bordone
Marina Foxley
Steven Foxley
Sandra Lischi
Ania Rudolph
Ilka Schaumberg
Elke Thiele
Petra Weber,
Ashley Benigno
Amour Fou
AV Arrki
cine +
Cafe Dix
mocha Film club

and all
participating artists
and curators

Without you it
wouldn't have
been possible.

Thank you all




Over the next ten days we screened
more than 200 films and about 25
The fact that many of our visitors became
regular guests was especially encouraging
as was the attendance of several directors
and artists. The move into a bigger space
proved to be wise.
The subtle red illuminated venue served
as a perfect setting to share not only
fine movies but thoughts and ideas.
Victims of the annual Berlinale frenzy
welcomed it as relaxed hideaway while
film buffs feeded their addiction.


Mochitos. Aki, Tomek Wendland und Harro Schmidt.

This years Directors Lounge came with several themed screenings, works from India, Cuba and
Finland received special attention. Forming Motion: Animated Artistic Experiments, curated
Kim Collmer, explored animation shorts collected from around the world. Intimate Journey,
curated by Lynn Loo, presented films inspired by travels. electronic painting half a screening,
half an exhibition about the relation between painting and electronic media, was curated by
Butsch who also compiled a program of works from the class Xiang Wei Xing at the
Yunnan Arts University

curators Directors Lounge 2006
Curators in a row: Daniela Butsch, Kim Collmer, Joachim Seinfeld


Curator Longest F. Stein with
director Wolfgang Bellwinkel


urban research, curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Seven screenings covered various aspects of
urban research with themed programmes on
urban development and public space,
curated and presented by Klaus W. Eisenlohr


Specials included a lecture by the enchanting Miss Cosima Reif, pure chance-artist from Vienna,
an amazing performance by Telemach Wiesinger and Andreas Gogol who combined
16mm-projection with a live performed audio score and an evening with director and
multimedia artist aE3, who presented some of his latest movies as well as works from fellow artists
from Nantes.

Andreas Gogol and Telemach Wiesinger

Cosima Reif, aE3; curators Joachim Seinfeld and André Werner in the background

These eleven days proved our concept of an open realm, where the movies are not caged into a black box,
but connected to an area of discourse, as a promising way that we will continue and expand through our
forthcoming screenings.

Natalie Bosko, videoarist Wolf Kahlen, musician Daniel Schubert of tagez

Considering the high density of artists, curators, critics and organizers it comes as no surprise that
Lounge served as a breeding ground for all kinds of new projects and collaborations.

Elke Thiele, press department of Directors Lounge, media entrepreneur Achim Zechner

Director Andreas Oehler, Thomas, master of mochito with lounge-executive Ania Rudolph

Even so we welcomed about 100 - 200 guests each night it never became anonymous.
Again Directors Lounge was characterised by a friendly and familiar atmoshere.



And then there was something new.
By putting an assortment
of the videos on
Lounge television
we made the screenings in part
worldwide avaiable.
A first step to explore new ways
to distribute video-art over the net.
The reaction exceeded all
our expectations, between
Lounge and the first
week of march we reached an
average above 1000 viewers daily.
We strongly believe that such
ways of alternate broadcasting
will become a driving force in the
way short and independent videos
can be published and distributed.
And that we shall not leave it to the
media-majors and ringtone-sellers.
We are currently expanding our
serverspace and will add more
videos to
Directors Lounge television
over the next weeks.

About one year ago we started
as an experiment, now we have
become an annual event.
The awesome feedback by both,
the public and the artists ensures
us to continue Directors Lounge
on a more frequent base.
April will see us screening in Munich
and Plueschow, several specials in
Berlin and abroad are in the pipeline.

Wherever the next screening is
Directors Lounge will always
be a meetingpoint,
a place to lounge around
with other friendly lizards.



screening area

In the lounge area

toward the screening area


to be continued

Stay tuned


> some pictures from the Directors Lounge 2006



> Directors Lounge 2006 is made possible in part by Cafe Dix in der Berlinischen Galerie cine plus

> Special screenings in collaboration with AV-ARRKI microcinema mochafilm club NoMasala

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