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Directors Lounge 2008, Berlin, february 7-17

• Video installations Foyer

A wide variety of video installations will be on display at the foyer.
Space is limited and loops will screened in exchange. Don´t hesitate to ask if you are looking for a specific work.Works that relate to specific programs will be shown alongside the screening

Flowers and Leaves
Marguerite Harris Flowers & Leaves

Videoinstallationen, Ein-Kanal-Loops von zahlreichen Kuenstlern sind im Foyer zu sehen. Aufgrund des begrenzten Platzes werden die Arbeiten im Wechsel gezeigt. Arbeiten die zu speziellen Programmen gehören werden während der Praesentationen laufen. Bei Interesse bemuehen wir uns spezielle Arbeiten auf Anfrage zu zeigen. Einfach fragen.

• Installation videos • one channel loops ongoing

Magda Bielesz PL Unreality Moments 2007
Maja Borg SE Construct (Two Moments In Beauty) 8 min, 2006
Daniela Butsch DE Landschaft Schnell 36s, DV, 2007
Jason Ferguson US Inanimate Autopsy 20 min, DV, 2006
Happy Famous Artists BE Eastern Philosophy 2008
Marguerite Harris US Flowers & Leaves 2007
Sigalit Landau IL Barbed Hula 2 min, DV 2000
Sophia New GB when no one was looking, i snuck backstage 6 min 47s
Sophia New GB how I loved you till i could no longer see you 4 min 35s
Lorenzo Oggiano IT Cinematic N.10 2007
Lorenzo Oggiano IT MOD513 2007
Asya Reznikov RU/US mapping 23 minutes 23 tongues 2004
Simo Rouhiainen FI Oscillation 2007
Andreas Sachsenmeier DE Mojo 2 2007
Anette Sunder- Plassmann DE les enfants DV, 2007
Felice Naomi Wonnenberg IL Fishy Things 14 min , DV, 2000


• Installation works as part of Impressions from China

• Liang Yue CN Dian Dian 9 min, 2002
• MaiZi CN After the World aka Crying for the World, Laughing at the World
34 min, 2002

• Installation loops and computerbased works as part of Urban Research


Elise Florenty
Sophie Warren
Thilo Froebel
Ellen Bornkessel
Casilda Sanchez
Carlo Ghioni
Maya Schweizer


Lemeh42, Santini Michele, Paoloni Lorenza
Claudius Pratsch
Andrew de Freitag
Joe Merrell
Wolf Kahlen
France Dubois
Waltraut Taenzler
Galina Shevchenko
Stephana Schmidt
Julie Meyer
Augustin Gimel


Martin Brand
Paddy Jolley


Veikko Bjoerk
Willliam English
Kati Klages und Kathrin Eckert
Stefan Shankland
Ian Flitman


Mairisch Verlag, Florian Thalhofer und Kolja Mensing
ststs - Stef Stagel und Steffen Schlichter
Sabrina Harri
Ina Hattebier

• The fourth Directors Lounge Berlin will take place from 7. - 17. february, at the time of the 58th Berlin International Festival. Expect video art and experimental film from all flavors and parts of the world. Several curated programs, specials, accompanied by DJs and VJs ensure ten cosmopolitan days and nights..
Once again we will offer a hideaway, a relaxed space for filmmakers, videoartists and everybody interested in experimental forms of cinema and videoart.

• The screenings are followed by nights of music and specials. The Lounge as a club, the spot to dance the night away.

• As the name suggests – Directors Lounge will always be a meetingpoint, a place to have a drink and to lounge around with other friendly lizards

7 - 17th february 2008 Berlin Mitte, Friedrich Str. 112A

daily from 6 pm - open end



• We don´t want to spoil the fun, more details will be added over time. Subscribe to our newsfeed to stay informed








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