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Directors Lounge 2008, Berlin, february 7-17

E xperimental cinema, short films, new media art, many terms for many different ways to create art works with moving images. This world beyond cinema is more vivid than ever and for 11 days we will shed a light on the current state of art. More than 250 artists from all parts of the world will be screened. Many of them show their work for the first time in Europe, several films will be screened in world premiere. Again we hope to become much more than just a festival, a Lounge to meet like-minded folks, a club to celebrate cinema i all it´s incarnations. go here for the program in overview.

C hina and Australia are in focus, each part with three curated programs. Marina Foxley presents Impressions from China. This fresh selection of Chinese works gives another look of the independent production from Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing today, showing various styles and impressions.Kim Donaldson asks What is Australia like? Shaun Wilson explores art after cinema and shorts that frames darkened themes of cinema including death, noir murder and state control.

U rban Research on Film is an ongoing film and video screening project selected by Klaus W. Eisenlohr for Directors Lounge. Unlike modernist "city symphonies," these new works are based on exploration, on research and on discourse. The artists often focus on particular aspects rather than trying to depict the city as a whole. Urban Research comprises experimental, documentary and animated works bringing together complementary views of urban life. Go here for Urban Research 2008

I nstallations, one channel loops from electronic paintings to computerbased presentations will be on display at the foyer. Space is limited and loops will screened in exchange. Again we will emphasize a concept of film that goes beyond the framework of the silver screen. Go here for a list of all installation art.

A nd this is just the tip of the iceberg. Many, many more specials, lectures, live events and musical gems can be found in the program. A first glance at the specials and the Installation page contain more details. Check back often for more or, even better, just come around and join the fun.

1908 The cinematograph theater Ueberbrettl (referring to the Cabaret Ueberbrettl and a play on the Nietzsche term Uebermensch) establishes in the very heart of Berlin, the famous traditional shopping street Friedrichstrasse. Centrally located in first floor of Nr 112A it becomes a popular attraction for more than 50 years. Except for a seven year revitalisation as the Scala after reunification it remains closed since 1962.

2008 Starting with our annual festivity alongside the Berlinale this cinematic gem will come back as a place for the Silverscreen. Hand in hand with our friends Scala e.V. are we going to fill our new home with all kinds of cinematic tidbits, marvels and music. A club, a cinema, a dance hall and everything inbetween. A cornutopia where movies have been loved since 100 years.



• The fourth Directors Lounge Berlin will take place from 7. - 17. february, at the time of the 58th Berlin International Festival. Expect video art and experimental film from all flavors and parts of the world. Several curated programs, specials, accompanied by DJs and VJs ensure ten cosmopolitan days and nights..
Once again we will offer a hideaway, a relaxed space for filmmakers, videoartists and everybody interested in experimental forms of cinema and videoart.

• The screenings are followed by nights of music and specials. The Lounge as a club, the spot to dance the night away.

• As the name suggests – Directors Lounge will always be a meetingpoint, a place to have a drink and to lounge around with other friendly lizards

7 - 17th february 2008 Berlin Mitte, Friedrich Str. 112A

daily from 6 pm - open end



• We don´t want to spoil the fun, more details will be added over time. Subscribe to our newsfeed to stay informed














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