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• 18 h 00 • 6 pm Australia curated by Kim Donaldson

What Is

Curated and presented by Kim Donaldson
What is Australia like? There are those that are interested in sport, those that are political, those that like to travel, those that like to just sit and watch, others who don’t mind waiting and those that like to do. There are also those who are interested in popular culture, others who are into architecture and others still who are into sci-fi or environmental issues. There is also a lot of space and it never really gets cold.
This program is not about narratives but about what is.

Artists: Sanja Pahoki, OSW, Brie Trenerry, Lyndal Jones, Laresa Kosloff, Taree Mc Kenzie, Janenne Eaton, Sue Dodd, Kim Donaldson, Jo Scicluna, Russell Kitchin, Jarrah de Kuijer and Santina Amato.

82 min
Program starts on time. Programm beginnt pünktlich.



Beautiful Boy

Kim Donaldson AU Keep Clear2006


•20 h • 8 pm Urban Research curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr


• Elise Florenty
DEAutops 6 min 30s, DV, 2007
• Thomas Fuerhapter
AU Das Gelb ohne Zebra 24 min, DV, 2004
• Surveillance Camera Players
US 1984 9 mIn, DV, 2003
• Sari Carel
US Cast + Bridge 8 min 57s, DV, 2007
• Berit Hummel
DE Ein weites Land 10 min 38s, HDV, 2007
• Steven Ball
GB No-way Street 1 min, DV, 2007
• Ken Paul Rosenthal
US I My Bike 5 mIn50s, DV, 2001
• Elke Marhoefer DE
helle nacht nichten 20 min, DV, 2004

Psychogeography as term has become popular with the Renaissance of the ideas of Situationism International. It is not an academic subject matter, but a way to directly interact with the urban environment and to research the subjective and political entanglement of places and cities. The program presents a wide range of such artistic responses to psychological impacts and urban geography. The Surveillance Camera Players both used and protested again CCTV recording with playacts specifically designed for surveillance cameras. Sari Carel photographs abandoned contemporary houses in Israel. She thus reflects on the left behind dreams, promises and plans connected with single-family houses. Thomas Fuerhapter and Ken Paul Rosenthal give a voice to psychological effects of urban experiences, not avoiding the irony of the possibility to overrate such experience. Elke Marhoefer deconstructs the interaction of political talks by young international artists, and confronts those with her own media interaction with young black youths in the streets of New York. She is thus reflecting the mixture of failure and need of such practise.

• 22 h • 10 pm Monumental curated by Kim Collmer


curated and presented by Kim Collmer with assistance from the VoyeurCollective
Monumental shows work which in some ways both subverts and rallies behind the notion of monument. Often a singular object suggesting timelessness, the nature of monuments and their meaning becomes more complex as we see evidence of crumbling dynasties around us. The theme for the screening is loosely addressed with works about religious ritual, technology, unfilled journeys, political commemoration, home, pompous ritual, cultural history, and nature's glories.

Sofi Basseghi
Sarah Buckius & Melanie Manos
Jennifer Davy
Sven Kalden
Martin Koeppl
Sophia New
Sean Reynard
Bridget Walker
Voshardt & Humphrey


Kim Collmer will be present

• 23 h 15 • 11:15 pm Live Music

Ost West Achse

Christoph Bauer ( git, voc), Viktoria Lasaroff ( voc) und Jens Voigt ( git, voc) spielen Pop, Blues, Rock und Folk - vom Pazifik bis zum Schwarzen Meer.


.Dream Walking
Sarah Buckius & Melanie Manos| Ann Arbor, MI
101 Ways to Humanize Technology, 2007, 3min 11s
101 Ways to Humanize Technology investigates the familiar technological landscape in new, humanized ways. Working as a team, The ManosBuckius Cooperative, we interact physically with technological devices by using them to perform unconventional, bizarre and highly non-productive tasks.


• 24 h • 12 pm single channel videos compiled by Catherine Forster

Carole Kim

Carole Kim is an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on performance-based video installation combining digital/new media technologies and the sensitivity of the improvisational live performer/participant. The work emphasizes video’s capacity as a live medium and the illusory architecture of layered video projection in space.
Curated by Catherine Forster of LiveBox gallery, Chicago

Old Faithful 5 min 4s, DV, 2000

SINK 6 min 37s, 2001

What makes a picture a picture… 7 min 23s, DV, 2002

SCEND 4 min 10s, DV, 2002

I.V. 11 min 33s, DV, 2007

Chasing the Pools 8 min 30s, DV, 2005

• Im Anschluss Live Music

Ost West Achse

dance all night

Dance Lounge



Chasing the Pools 8 min 30s, DV, 2005

Chasing the Pools is a single-channel video based on an immersive performance /installation exploring live cameras on dancers seamlessly integrated into the landscape of live-mix video projection. Their lit bodies became one moving image, dematerializing or re-materializing the body, while the background remained another. These channels were projected onto numerous scrims in a large tree grove. The video combines the composite live-feed image with the original source material.