line • Mi wed 13 02

• 18 h 30 • 6.30pm Virtual Reality video installation presented by You Mi

Beijing, Beijing

How East And West Fall In Love And Will Continue To Do So

it's a film broken down to segments and put in a virtual space, in a ".exe" file that runs on PC and audience can use mouse and keyboard to navigate in its space. All videos together can last 20min but it's the audience's liberty to spend as long or as little time as they want.
You Mi ("Umi") is a Beijing-based filmmaker and video artist.


You Mi
You Mi ("Umi")


• 20 h • 8 pmUrban Research Merce Rodrigo Garcia

Reversible Urban Practices

(Filmvortrag) Mit Filmbeispielen u.a. von: -Masayuki Kawai, Hiroyuki Oki und Tsuchiya Yutaka

Lecture with screenings of excerpts by: Masayuki Kawai, Hiroyuki Oki and Tsuchiya Yutaka among others.

80 min



• 22 h • 10 pmselected shorts compiled by Directors Lounge

Deconstructing - Reconstructing

• Silke Witzsch DE Change Of Ends 6 min, DV, 2006

• ZhenChen Liu CN Under Construction 10 min, DV, 2007

• Allan Brown CA The Millard Symphony 15 min , DV, 2007

• Maja Borg SE To She In Me 6 min 14s , DV, 2005

• Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan GB New Madrid HD, 6min .40s. 2008

• Jean Gabriel Périot FR 200.000 phantoms 11 min, DV, 2007

• George Drivas GR Case Study 17 min, HD, 2007

• André Werner DE Flash 15 min, 2007

86 min

• Im Anschluss Live Music improvised music


Florian Bergmann

Florian Bergmann - Altsaxophon, Bassklarinette
Hannes Buder - Gitarre
Hannes Lingens - Schlagzeug

Improvisierte Musik"


New Madrid
Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan GB New Madrid . 2008

New Madrid draws upon the description of a cataclysmic earthquake by artist/ornithogist/frontiersman John James Audubon, published in his Ornithological Biography (1831-39). The video was filmed on the Kentucky/Tennessee border, at Reelfoot – an area of swampland formed by the earthquakes of 1811-12. Centred on the town of New Madrid, the earthquake remains the largest ever recorded on the US continent. The resulting cypress sloughs and lakes are now host to a range of rare and endangered species, providing a vital refuge for wildlife migrating through or inhabiting the Mississippi floodplain. The video forms part of a series of short films centred around a range of species, events & locations described by Audubon, which accompanied his major work The Birds of America.

New Madrid will be shown in world premiere
will be shown in world premiere
Case Study
will be shown in International premiere

• 24 h • 12 pm music films


• Bill Bahmermann US Dream Of The Garden 12 mins, DV, 2007

• Wolfgang Spahn DE How To Handle The Heat 6 min 55s, DV, 2007
Score: Michael Merkelbach

• Angel Loza ES Hero Wings Are Not Necessary To Fly 25 mins, DV, 2007

• Im Anschluss Live Music Experimental Jazz

Florian Bergmann

dance all night

Dance Lounge


How to handle the heat
Wolfgang Spahn & Michael Merkelbach DE
How To Handle The Heat

„How to Handle the Heat” ist ein experimentelles, auf abstrakten Formen basierendes Video über den Traum des unendlichen Fallens