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• 18 h 30 • 6:30 pm Feature A film by Marcel Grant

Coffee Sex You

So many famous people I like died when they were 27... Kurt Cobain, Janice Joplin, Jim Morrison. Also - death is inevitable - so why pay more taxes?

Maria Del Conte, a twenty six year old attractive and intelligent banker has made a decision to take her life on her 27th birthday. . She specialised in European media investmen. It is through one of her clients, the fabulously rich and geeky 22 year old Bruce Day, vthat she is introduced to Michael Scott a small time film producer who, for reasons unbeknown to Maria, has persuaded Bruce to invest $1m into a movie starring the porn star Richard (Dick) Aardon and directed by the infamously tough female director Jo Simon.
We discover the truth behind Maria's 'birthday' decision, the reason for Michael's cynicism, Maria's new passion for strong cappuccino and observe an unusual sexual and intimate chemistry develop between the two of them more is never enough


coffee sex you

MICHAEL: Tell me three things that you associate with COFFEE? MARIA: Addictive, stimulating YOU, why?
MICHAEL: How you feel about coffee is how you feel about SEX

• 20 h 30 •8 pm concert

The Flying Vibes

Flying Vibes ist ein Jazztrio mit Vibraphon, Bass und Drums. Die
Band, gerade neu formiert, spielt die Eigenkompositionen von Peter
Horisberger, frisch, mit offenen Ohren und gelöster Handbremse!



Peter Horisberger, Vibraphon,
Nesin Howhannesijan, Bass,
Lucia Martinez, Drums.


• 22 • 10 pm Selected Highlights

Farewell Party

surprise, surprise



• 24 h • 12 pm Dance All Night Vjays

Lars Kuenstler & Brendan Howell

Dance All Night Djays

DJ AliGator

. I grew up between Berlin and Istanbul. Up to now I made differently jobs....
...I was a cabdriver and worked as a DJ. That were my „universities“. AliGator


Lars Kuenstler
Lars Kuenstler

DJ . AliGator