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> Directors Lounge presents:a summer evening with Klaus W. Eisenlohr

july 6th 10pm urban research: short film selection at Rote Loge

DL urban

With the increased dynamic of urban development, more artists are concerned with urban space as a theme and issue. This selection shows a range of new short experimental and documentary work of international artists. Based on the screening at Inner Spaces Gallery Poznan.

Noëelle Georg A Promessa PORT 4:15 DVD
Diane Bonder You Are Not From Here USA 9 min, VHS
Papa 'n Razzi aka Kemmy Thyssen in 'na City DE 7:33, DVD
Klaus W. Eisenlohr Stadtrandzone Mitte in Langenhagen - Excerpt, DE 4:30 DVD
Cornelia Erdmann 7 Minuten zum Thema Tankstelle, DE 7:00 DVD
Roger Warren Beebe SAVE, USA 5:00 DVD
Fabienne Gautier Night Walk, 2004, Frankreich, 7:00, DV
Diane Bonder If You Lived Here You Would Be Home By Now 2001, USA, 15:00
Virginie Laganière Corridor CAN 2:26 DVD
Dirk Holzberg und Jörg Pfeiffer Framefunk DE 3:25 DVD

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> Directors Lounge presents:a summer evening with ...
a series of special screenings every thursday
in cooperation with Rote Loge and Z Bar

Rote Loge Simon-Dachstrasse 22, (next to Revalerstrasse)
S- and U Warschauer Brücke

Z Bar Bergstr. 2 10115 Berlin, open from 8pm on
phone: 030/283 89 121





> Directors Lounge 2006 is made possible in part by Cafe Dix in der Berlinischen Galerie cine plus

> Special screenings in collaboration with AV-ARRKI microcinema mochafilm club NoMasala

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