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> Directors Lounge presents: a summer evening with ...
a series of special screenings every thursday
in cooperation with Rote Loge, Meinblau, Baiz and Z Bar has come to an sucessful end.
Team Directors Lounge thanks all participants for ten wonderful summer nights

> photographic impressions from recent screenings now on richfilm

the screenings:

> august 24th 9pm Telemach Wiesinger (film) & Andreas Gogol (acoustic performance) at Baiz
Telemach Gogol

Telemach Wiesinger decided to take a small reel of 16mm film on each of his trips around the world. In every country he carefully selected a location and his contributors (not to say performers!) and captured a scene of 2 minutes and 45 seconds each. Andreas Gogol joined Telemach Wiesinger in putting together their own journey based on the collected episodes and combining them in a new imaginary space
During screening, Andreas Gogol composes live on his instruments. He interacts with the film and makes the artists rich version of cinema visible. Each performance creates ann entirely new experience more
Baiz Christinenstr. 1 (Ecke Torstrasse) 10119 Berlin

> see excerpts from LANDED TAKES & SOUND TIMES as presented on
Directors Lounge 2006 thurs 16th february here


> august 17th 9pm Udo Rathke (screening) & micronaut (guitar/samples)
at Kunsthaus Meinblau


For several years, Udo Rathke has experimented with the compositional possibilities offered by the computer as a medium of painting with other materials.By using small fragments of pictures found on the net or else he creates ever changing paintings of magical light, now transformed, into a delicate succession of color.
Stefan Streck uses found audio pieces, next to his own guitar play, in a similiar way of layered composition to create absorbing collages of sound.
Both are intrigued by the diversity of microcosmic diversity.more

Meinblau Christinenstr 18/19 10119 Berlin


>august 10th 10pm Yoko Hata / GUP-py at Rote Loge


Yoko Hata, founder of GUP-py, presents her recent work on video at Rote Loge. In her videos, Yoko Hata combines animations, text and camera images with her poetical reflections on the world. more
Simon-Dachstrasse 22, (nahe Revalerstrasse)


>august 3rd 10pm aE3 at Rote Loge
An evening, curated and compiled by french videoartist aE3. Next to his own work we will see shorts by fellow artists as well as rare historical footage from the earliest days of private filming. Marina Foxley, performer in many of his movies will be present.
Simon-Dachstrasse 22, (nahe Revalerstrasse) more

> july 27th 10pm Marina Foxley at Rote Loge
In attendance of Marina Foxley

This night consist of two seperated screenings, reflecting her role as a curator for chinese cinema as well as her work as a director and performer.

First Marina Foxley presents an "avant goût" of our forth-coming special on independent Chinese films.
The second part serves us three video-performances, each with different perspectives and choreographies of the nude body. Her own work, Still Life will be screened in world premiere more

> july 20th 9pm Tobias Schmuecking at Z Bar (Bergstr. 2, 10115 Berlin)
Tobias Schmuecking will be present

Tobias Schmuecking tells stories by using images. Space, place and encounters do not appear alien to us, but seem to be rather familiar from previous occasions, back then in dream time, or in a different film.
These everyday places, such as a caravan on a hill or a public pool, stay in my memory, like those places of my own blissful experiences.
Klaus W. Eisenlohr

> july 13th 10pm Kim Collmer- forming motion at Rote Loge
Forming Motion is a night of animation shorts collected from around the world. For this series, animation is depicted as both a connector of images, and as a reminder of the artificiality and tedious nature of its construction. Many artists in this program create a tension between the flow and the construct. Within their work there is a focus on texture, line, movement, light and rhythm and film's ability to contain life and energy. Based on the screening at Inner Spaces Gallery Poznan. more

> july 6th 10pm
urban research: short film selection compiled and presented by Klaus W. Eisenlohr at Rote Loge
With the increased dynamic of urban development, more artists are concerned with urban space as a theme and issue. This selection shows a range of new short experimental and documentary work of international artists. Based on the screening at Inner Spaces Gallery Poznan. more

> june 29th 10pm Figures of Motion part 2 coup d‘oeil at zapp live
Video art that focuses on an instant, a sudden glimpse. Selected works from this years Directors Lounge 2006 as well as classic shorts.
Based on the concept of our recent screening at castle Plueschow
> more (german)

> june 22th 10pm Figures of Motion part 1 the painted tape at zapp live
A short ride through the history of experimental cinema from the early years through fluxus into the 21 century. Compiled and presented by André Werner.
Based on our recent screening at castle Plueschow
> more (german)

Emotional exiles from the Land of Opportunity,
experimental filmmakers Ben Russell and Jonathan Schwartz come to Europe
> more





> Directors Lounge 2006 is made possible in part by Cafe Dix in der Berlinischen Galerie cine plus

> Special screenings in collaboration with AV-ARRKI microcinema mochafilm club NoMasala

our herores: placebo FX, Fragments, Berliner Licht & Silber, Cinema Desaster, SIEBENGRUENDE,, Kunstsalon Wilde Gans,
Joppel-Bürkle IT, IF Museum/Inner Spaces, Fanhall Studio

>Directors Lounge 2006
is the brainchild of Designhof e.V., A&O-gallery and the Gallery KMZA