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the expanded eye - das verlaengerte Auge
screened at the 2. Berliner Kunstsalon
October 4th Tuesday 01pm

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low-speed and high-speed

enjoy the show


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The Chair , 2005, 5 min


The Chair screenshots  

Jeremy "Jes" Benstock
Phosphenes , 2002, 10 min


Phosphenes screenshots

Klaus W. Eisenlohr
Courrour Station , 1997, 3 min


screenshots Courrour Station

Klaus W. Eisenlohr
Hair - Non Hair , 1998, 6 min

screenshots Hair - Non Hair

Bady Minck
Seeen sehen 1998, 5 min

Seeen sehen screenshots

Elina Saloranta
Le Lit des Amant, 2004, 18 min 35s

Le Lit des Amant screenshots  


Mauro Santini
da qui sopra il mare, 10 min 37 s


screenshots da qui


Erik Urlings
social realism , 2003, 10 min 51 s


screenshots social realism

André Werner
Eine Geisha wird gefilmt, a geisha being fimed , 1993, 2 min 50 s

screenshots Geisha

André Werner
A.Y.B.A.B.T.U., 2001, 6 min

screenshots A.Y.B.A.B.T.U.


Silke Witzsch
Grenze-Ein Heimatfilm, 2004, 5 min

sreenshots Grenze

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