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Daniela Butsch D Hommage An Mark Rothko
2,5 min, 1-channel loop,DV, 2005

Nezaket Ekici TR Mia Vita, Mia Amata
min 19 s, video performance, DV, 2005

Lorenzo Oggiano I Quasi-Objects / Cinematic n.04
3 min 43 s, 1-channel
, 2005

Tanja Puustelli FI Milking The Cow
2 min, 1-channel loop,DV, DV, 2005

Udo Rathke D Nach Lorrain
5 min, 1-channel loop, DV

Erik Urlings NL Social Realism 1
11 min, 1-channel loop,DV, 2003
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André Werner D
Pearls Of The Morning Dawn (Perlen Der Morgenroete)
7 min, 1-channel loop, DV, 1993
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Silke Witzsch D Flood
9 min , 1-channel loop, DV
, 2005

Lorenzo Oggiano
Lorenzo Oggiano I
Quasi-Objects / Cinematic n.04

The Quasi-Objects cycle, initiated in 2003, is composed of photographic and videographic materials generated with the assistance of 3d modeling, animation and rendering software.
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