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Change Your Life by Marc Schmitz

Change Your Life
C.Y.L. (change Your Life) public screening Ulaanbattar Mongolia 2006

Change Your Live was produced in Berlin/Ulaanbaatar, spring 2006, and screened public in Ulaanbaatar Aug 06. Change Your Life is an ongoing international project, examining the representation of speech and issues of hope.

Fotografi Senza Frontiere

Fotografi Senza Frontiere

I was sitting in a basement in Rome about a month ago, waiting for some prints when quite unexpectedly Giorgio Palmera walked in and said hello. Well, a world came to light... N.E.M. takes a closer look at the project Fotografi Senza Frontiere


Shorts on public Video Billboards during the European Football Championship

worldcup 2018

Eytan Heller IL World Cup 2018 48s, DV, 2008 please, visit www.goal2018.org



a message from Team Directors Lounge

Wishing you all a wonderful, joyous and cinelicious 2008
(click for our humble New Year´s message)


Screened during memory in motion, Munich, September 2007

Paul Notzold US TXTual Healing,2 min 30 sec,
a short documentary of his interactive cellphone based installation,
Munich, September 6th, 2007


Klaus W. Eisenlohr, Kemmy DE FWAB (Frueher war alles besser) Gasteig,
6 min 42 sec

FWAB (Frueher war alles besser/ Everything was better in the good old days) is a series of shorts that where shot and screened on location during memory in motion, Munich, September 2007

The Eyes Of Mankind

• André Werner DE The Eyes Of Mankind, 14 min 39 sec, DV, 2007

The Eyes Of Mankind, shown in world premiere at the 4th of September, is a true Directors Lounge production. From the production management to light and makeup,
nearby all credits go to members of the gang. Starring Marbo Becker, Daniel Schubert and a bedazzling N.E.M. as the female lead.



Screened at Directors Lounge 2007

John Giorno

Antonello Faretta IT Just Say No To Family Values 4 min 37s, DV, 2005
Poem: Just Say No To Family Values John Giorno

An elderly local woman of a village in Southern Italy endures defenceless and almost guilty, the new values dictated by the poet himself.
Hilflos und beinah schuldbewusst, erträgt eine alte Frau in einem süditalienischen Dorf, den Monolog des Dichters über die "neuen Werte"

received the ZEBRA award for poetry, film and politics


Devis Venturelli I
Io Sono Il Vento 14 min, DV, 2006 play

Io sono il vento by Devis Venturelli was among he highlights of this years Directors Lounge. A poetic short that is formed by four female life portraits: the adolescence, the youth, the mature age and the old age. The wind crosses each histories modifying the obvious standstill, among the wait of an ineluctable destiny and the abandonment to unexpected openings.

exit exit

Erik Urlings NL Exit Exit 16 min 5s, DV, 2006

Reality and dream are merging during a seamingly endless car ride on the Amsterdam traffic circle (A10). An intense experience of traffic and land- and cityscape. The always moving camera and the unearthly soundtrack turn cars, lights and scapes into melancholy.




Ann Noel Emmett Williams US Visuelle Poesie 7 min, DV, 1997/ 2007
camera Hinrich Peters


Ann Noel and Emmett Williams performing at the Kurt Tucholsky memorial, Castle Rheinsberg, may 24th, 1997. Documented by Hinrich Peters and screened subsequent to the presentation of the ZEBRA poetry and film awards in honour to Emmett Williams who died on Wednesday, 14th of February in Berlin.

shot during the opening (May, 24th 1997) of the exhibition "VISUELLE POESIE" at the Kurt Tucholsky memorial, Schloss Rheinsberg, curated by Uwe Warnke.



The Fish and the Ring

• Flotser BE The Fish and the Ring (and more)
12 min, DV, 2007


Cuteness overload.
The Fish and the Ring by Belgian artist Flotser tells a story of love, hate and broken dreams. A fairy tale with all the ingredients that makes cinema a dream factory. Note that the Fish and the Ring is interwoven with several short animations by Flotser. Enjoy a glimpse of Flotser´s Repertory Theater.









• Irina Botea RO/US Aktion 1 min, DV, 2003

Reduced food packages breathing and squeaking like pets. Healthy food is one of Swiss pride, and a childhood obsession of the artist.


• Kazuhiko Kobayashi JP Gate Vision
5min 24s, DV, 2005


Imagery for Gate Vision was photographed from the window of the Shinkansen with a digital camcorder.The photographed image was circularly processed using computer manipulation. Simple photography and processing were used to creat this work, however, the final image is compelling and fresh.


Thom van der Doef US Cup 4 min, DV, 2006


Cup was screened as part of the LiveBox presentation curated by Catherine Forster


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