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Untitled #1

by Masha Godovannaya RU

"While walking along Nevskiy Prospect in St. Petersburg, Russia,
I saw a young girl dancing this harsh, passionate and seductive dance."
Brilliant editing and the bedazzling score by composer LU create a movie of suggestive beauty,

Beta Test


George Drivas
GR 13 min, HD, 2005

It is all about what we don’t see; it is about hidden feelings, acts beyond time and movement, unspoken words beyond speech. It is when everything around us seems to stop, when everything loses its usual importance and a strong sense of emptiness settles in and gives us the feeling that the only thing we can see or hear is ourselves. George Drivas

Using only black and white still photography and subtitles as the narration, George Drivas film, Beta Test, shown in world premiere at Directors Lounge 2006, is a most enigmatic and thought provoking short in the tradition of Chris Marker's 1962 film, La Jetee. The film explores the mind of a man, a woman and a city by looks at urbanity, communication and the feeling of non-existence. Beta test is a love story.And it could happen to everyone.

Beta Test (small) Beta Test (high)

Mia Vita, Mia Amata

Nezaket Ekici
by Nezaket Ekici TR, 3 min 19 s, DV, 2005


An invitation to learn words of love in Turkish. Constantly translated into Italian and sequently repeated they may leed to some new understanding.


Mannaka No Ie

Mannaka No Ie
by André Werner D, 8 min 30s, 2006


"The crying swallow flies at dawn"
Pure japanese poetry, entirely filmed in the deserts of Nevada.
Japanese with english subtitles

Not This War

Not This War
by Dan Hubp US, 8 minutes, S8 DV, 2005



Not This War, screened as worldpremiere at the Directors Lounge 2006, is the story of one woman's accelerating spiral in the face of events that challenge her every belief. In a society where the ideals of honor, duty and sacrifice stand without question, Dorothy’s only hope for herself and her two sons, lies in her willful conviction to take matters into her own hands.
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