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aE3 GB/FR The Chair 5 minutes, DV, 2005
> low > high

Lora Alaniz/Jennifer Beth Guerin US Bed Ballet
4 minutes, 2005

Steven Ball GB Metalogue 3 min
excerpt of 27 min, DV
, 2003

Jeremy Jes" Benstock GB The Holocaust Tourist
9 min, DV, 2005

Jeremy Jes" Benstock GB Phosphenes
10 min, DV, 2002
> low > high

Kristin Bergaust & Alexis Parra NO/CU
La Valla-The Arena 6 min, DV, 2005

Irina Botea RO/US Aktion 1 min, DV, 2003

Daniela Butsch D Hommage An Mark Rothko
2,5 min, 1-channel, 2005

Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan GB Edgar
1 min 38s, 2005

Thom van der Doef US Cup 4 min, DV, 2006

Marina Foxley FR Errance

.On Sundays in St Nazaire, time is slowing down, almost suspended, the buildings stand out more and take over the place. They are becoming fascinating and eery at the same time.
Wandering in this deserted place, where traces of industrial activities are still left, strange feelings arise, memories come back, daydream passes by and takes us away from our elusive present.>play












Klaus W. Eisenlohr D Courrour Station
3 min, S8, 1997
> low > high

Klaus W. Eisenlohr D Hair Non Hair
6 min, S8, 1998
> low > high

Nezaket Ekici TR Mia Vita, Mia Amata
min 19 s, DV, 2005

Lizbeth Flores & Jacinto Munos CU
Lametatranca 5 min 35 s, DV, 2005

Marina Foxley FR Errance
6 min36 s, DV, 2005

Marina Foxley FR Scrap Metal
5 min, DV, 2004 > low > high

Marina Foxley/Laurent Couedel FR Still Life
12 min, DV
, 2006 low low high high

Masha Godovannaya RU Untitled #1
4 minutes, S8 DV, 2005

Andreas Gogol, DTelemach Wiesinger D
Landed Takes & Sound Times 12 min, 16mm
, 2006

Marcel Grant UK What´s Your Name 41?
49 minutes, 35mm, B&W, 2005

La Valla
Kristin Bergaust & Alexis Parra
NO/CU La Valla-The Arena

This work is a collage of meetings with Cubans in Havana and in Oslo, Norway. It points to difficulties in the situation of people living in-between cultures and continents, and looks at other problems for people who stay behind.>play

Dan Hubp US Not This War 8 minutes, S8 DV, 2005
> low > high with german subtitles

Dan Hubp US The Great Lie 27 minutes, DV, 2004
> low > high

Andres Antonio Jimenez CU Las Tripas Sound
4 min 35 s, DV, 2005

Allan Levasseur Brown CA Donkey Harvest
11 min, S8, 2005

Kazuhiko Kobayashi JP Gate Vision
5min 24s, DV, 2005

Katherine McInnis US Open 3 min, DV, 2005

Katherin McInnis US Spookspeak 4 min, DV, 2006

Bady Minck AT Seeen Sehen 5 min, DV, 1998
> low > high

Philip Newcombe GB Snap 4 min 16 s, DV, 2005

Lorenzo Oggiano I Quasi-Objects / Cinematic n.04
1-channel loop installation

Alexis Parra (Pucho) CU Big or small? /Grande o chiquito? 2 min, DV, 2005

Alexis Parra (Pucho) & Kristin Bergaust CU/NO
Burned Music/Musica Quemada 7 min 28 s, DV, 2005


Las Tripas
Andres Antonio Jimenez CU
Las Tripas Sound

Some friends get together on the night of the cyclone for a jam-session, musicians and non-musicians. The editing composes the resulting piece of music combined with a montage of images from the actual evening and the daily environment of Vedado, Havana play

Provmyza RU Alternate Play Station
11 min 45 s, DV, 2004

Tanja Puustelli FI Milking The Cow
loop, DV, 2005

Tanja Puustelli FI Self 3 min, DV, 2005

Tanja Puustelli FI
The Nature of a-Muse: 1,0 Squirty 3 min, DV, 2006
> low > high

Udo Rathke D Nach Lorrain loop, DV

Jorge Rodriguez CU Gone wind the with
4 min, DV, 2005

Andreas Rost D Solo für Ramallah 5 min, DV, 2005

Elimna Saloranta FI Le Lit des Amant
18 min, DV, 2004
> low > high

Mauro Santini D da qui sopra il mare
11 min, DV, 2004
> low > high

Yuri Shapochka UA Game Shop 4 min, DV, 2005

Papa ‘n Razzi – aka Kemmy Thyssen D
in ‘na City 7 min 23 s, 2005

Erik Urlings NL Social Realism 1
11 min, DV, 2003 loop
> low > high

Erik Urlings NL Exit Exit 16 min 5s, DV, 2006

Yoel Díaz Vásquez CU Ruido 3 min, DV, 2006

Devis Venturelli I Atti Osceni 4 min, DV, 2005

Devis Venturelli I Io Sono Il Vento 14 min, DV, 2006

André Werner D Mannaka No Ie (The House In The Middle) 7 min 50s, 2006

André Werner D Daughter of Dementia 9 min,DV, 2005
> low > high

André Werner D A.Y.B.A.B.T.U 6 min,DV, 2001
> low > high

André Werner D Ukiyo-é 7 min,DV, 1995
> low > high

André Werner D A Geisha Being Filmed (Eine Geisha wird gefilmt)
2 min 50s, 1993
> low > high

André Werner D
Pearls Of The Morning Dawn
(Perlen Der Morgenroete)

7 min, 1993 loop
> low > high

Ann Noel Emmett Williams US Visuelle Poesie 7 min, DV, 1997/ 2007

Silke Witzsch D Flood 9 min , DV, 2005

Silke Witzsch D Grenze, Ein Heimatfilm
9 min, DV
, 2005 > low > high

Wangli Xonglian & Liuyan Tangron CN
Do not want to grow up 4 min, DV, 2005



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