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the place to watch videos and shortfilms presented at the Directors Lounge.

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independent video from Cuba, curated by Kristin Bergaust


"This half-hour of Cuban video is all very recently produced, most of them through “Evolucion Estipulada”, a workshop project and exhibition I was involved in. It is not chosen among the mainstream of Cuban contemporary art, but represents a group of contacts I have developed during several stays in Cuba and through my close co-operation with Cuban artist Alexis Parra (Pucho). The works presented have in common an interest in Cuban daily life and culture along with a certain critical attitude. The works are produced with very simple technical means, video and sound are mostly recorded with the video function on digital still cameras."
Kristin Bergaust


  Kristin Bergaust is beside her work as an videoartist
Professor and head of Intermedia
at The Academy of Fine Art
Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

big or small >play

Alexis Parra (Pucho) CU Big or small? /Grande o chiquito?
2 min 19 s, DV, 2005
, English subtitles
This work reports on a campaign where social workers changed ordinary light bulbs for energy-saving ones, entering people's homes. The campaign was launched as part of the 2006- Ano de Revolution Energetica. Also many other household appliances are replaced by the government to save energy. People suffer numerous electricity break-downs in the electricity supply.

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gone wind the with >play

Jorge Rodriguez CU Gone wind the with 3 min 58 s, DV, 2005
Repetition and standstill are the themes of this poetic work.
The artist insists it does not mean anything and expresses something about the Cuban situation.
No subtitles, but the sound is only monotonous weather-report.

burned music>play


Alexis Parra (Pucho) & Kristin Bergaust CU/NO
Burned Music/Musica Quemada
7 min 28 s, DV, 2005, English subtitles
Cuban music is popular and recognized all over world. This video documents the music of the streets of Havana, from tourist hangouts to street performers to the drunkard's mode of self-expression.

Lametatranca >play


Lizbeth Flores & Jacinto Munos CU Lametatranca
5 min 35 s, DV, 2005
Lametatranca is a project usually disseminated by e-mail to its subscribers. This video explains and demonstrates some features and themes of this phenomena from a country where Internet is not accessible. In accordance with Metatranca ideals, the language is English, Spanish and a little Norwegian, and not subtitled.

Las Tripas >play


Andres Antonio Jimenez CU Las Tripas Sound
4 min 35 s, DV, 2005
Some friends get together on the night of the cyclone for a jam-session, musicians and non-musicians. The editing composes the resulting piece of music combined with a montage of images from the actual evening and the daily environment of Vedado, Havana.

La Valla >play


Kristin Bergaust & Alexis Parra NO/CU La Valla-The Arena
5 min 42 s, DV, 2005, English subtitles
This work is a collage of meetings with Cubans in Havana and in Oslo, Norway. It points to difficulties in the situation of people living in-between cultures and continents, and looks at other problems for people who stay behind.

ruido >play


Yoel Díaz Vásquez CU Ruido 3 min, DV, 2006
Eight rappers from suburban Havanna. Ruido means noise.

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